Here is what Kelly Sepulveda had to say about Live To Cycle...

In November (2015), a friend of mine asked me If I knew we had a Spinning studio in Hollister. I had weight loss surgery a year before and I had been walking since before my surgery and it just didn't seem to be enough anymore. I went for a walk and looked into the window of Live To Cycle and I knew immediately that it was a place I would like. What I didn't know was how much I would love it. The family atmosphere and friendly environment was just what I needed. I had been too self conscious to go to a gym. Since I started this weight loss process, I have lost 125 pounds. Live To Cycle is everything I hoped it would be. I have lost weight, but have lost A LOT of inches since I started the spinning classes. The best thing though is that I honestly feel 20 years younger! I was even able to do the first ever Live To Cycle 40 mile ride! It was so much fun. Carolyn and Erik make everything fun and they truly care about everyone that walks through the door. I am so happy to be part of the family.
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Here is Aly Wilkin's journey at Live to Cycle...

As a lifelong fitness junkie and athlete, I was told years ago after my third knee surgery to expect major arthritis. Well, after joining the Live to Cycle family in 2011, my knees have never suffered a day of pain! Carolyn and Erik are healers! I never thought, at 61 years young, that I could feel this good and keep off the 90 lbs. that I had lost prior to joining the Live to Cycle family. I love the early morning classes as I start the day with at least a 400-500 calorie burn before work and feel great all day. The music and videos are so awesome but its the commeraderie and real caring effect from the whole team that gets me going in the morning! Love you guys!!
This is Dawn Toff's Testimonial whose journey at Live to Cycle started on May 8, 2012...

In August of 2014 ,I shattered my left elbow and over the last 19 months have had 6 surgeries. Spinning was perfect for me, because I could get an aerobic workout and sit when needed and keep my heart rate up. Not being able to straighten my arm I suffered with balance issues and spinning helped me strengthen my core, which ultimately eliminated all of my balance issues. I have lost 40 lbs over the last year, 4 pant sizes and 13.5 inches in 8 weeks. I love that I can get a great calorie burn in 45 min and continue burning all day. Spinning is the best and I encourage everyone to try it. You too will become addicted. 😘

Bob Sypek (11-19-1931 to 5-19-17) 

Bob was a true Inspiration to All who were lucky enough to know him! Bob was a BIG part of our Live to Cycle Family for over 5 years! He proved Age is Just a Number- Completing over 530 Rides in his 80s! He participated in his first ever Spinning class at the young age of 80!  He rode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00AM! He always had a smile on his face and was focused on his journey while he was riding! He coined the phrase, "Spinning is Winning!" His journey should inspire anyone thinking about Spinning to sign up and start today! 
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  Here is what Ruth Wratten has to say about our studio...

  Dear friends. ‘Live to Cycle’ is the best workout facility in Hollister. It is a family owned business with Erik and Carolyn who are both owners and personal trainers. Spinning is both fun and a great workout. There are other group exercises to choose from. I recently had surgery on November 16, 2018 and without the help of personal training with Carolyn, I would not be doing as well as I am today. I feel the PT I received before my procedure played a huge roll in my recovery. Erik and Carolyn care about the whole person. If you need help or strengthening in any area of your life give ‘Live to Cycle’ a call you will be glad you did! I just love this facility and the great, caring people who run it.
Here is what Kathy Sanchez has to say about our studio...

At 62 yrs young I began to Spin at Live to Cycle on November 11, 2019. I immediately felt the benefits -- more energized, focused. Now after 2 months of Spinning, I'm also finding a 5.6 mile day hike at Pinnacles Nat'l Park is an enjoyable workout rather than an exhausting experience. Carolyn you made it all possible. Joy to the spin!