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                    Monday, Wednesday & Friday    9:00AM
                    Tuesday and Thursday                5:45PM

​                    Saturday                                        8:00AM  

All 15 of my bikes are currently being used! If you want to be on the waiting list, 
Please Contact Me!    

*If you have a bike and want to join our classes, we would love to have you!
Go to Mindbody to reserve your spot!

Virtual Studio 
Hollister, CA 95023
Phone: (408) 833-8440
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Spinning is a non-impact, energetic, fun, motivational cardio based fitness class! 
It allows each rider, at any age and fitness level, to achieve their individual fitness goal in a supportive, engaging and fun group environment! 

There are many health benefits to engaging in this 45-50 minute class 2-3 times per week! You will gain a stronger immune system, lower your risk of heart disease, decrease tension in your life and increase your resistance to fatigue! 

If you are looking for a class where you can focus on yourself, your breathing, your heart rate, sweat a little and burn a lot of calories... Spinning is for you!!!

Please Note: It is not mandatory but highly recommended that you wear a heart rate monitor as it is a heart rate based class! Polar FT4, Apple watch or Garmin are the most reliable. Most of our riders also have bike shoes as they will take your ride to another level! All our bikes use SPD clips.

Change is Good and we are very excited to transition into this new way of training, while still delivering the best service we have always given you... just in a different way!

Virtual Spinning Classes on Zoom
See Schedule Below:


1. You get one of our bikes delivered to your home.

2. You need to keep it wiped down like you would at the studio and let us know immediately if there are any issues with the bike so we can have Brian at Off the Chain come to your home and fix it. (Safety first!)

3. You need to purchase a Monthly Virtual Ride Pass for $100 that renews every month and enables you to do unlimited Live Classes and Recorded ones I send you!

4. If you find that the classes are not working for you or you no longer want to participate in the Virtual Classes, you need to let me know so that I can pass your bike on to the next person on the waiting list.

5. If you are interested in being added to the waiting list to get a bike and participate in these Virtual Classes, please let me know. 

6.  If you have your own bike, or know someone who does and wants to participate in our amazing classes, we would love to have you join us! Go to Mindbody to Sign Up!