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I made a Choice to open my doors at Live to Cycle on August 21, 2011 and deliver a safe, fun and energetic Spinning class that could be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels!

I took a Chance because I believed, I was passionate and I was determined that I could deliver an effective, fun, safe Spinning class as a trained and certified instructor! I would have never imagined that I would have hundreds of people walking through my doors over the years... some enjoying just one class while others staying with me for years and some, Aly and Dru, for almost 9 years! Live to Cycle is not just a fitness studio, it has grown into an extraordinary family! Even though COVID 19 resulted in me closing the doors to my studio on June 30, 2020... It did not take away my ability to help people through Spinning and Personal Training Virtually- which I started doing March 23, 2020 and still doing today!

I took a Chance in June 2010 and started out teaching a Bootcamp at Frank Klaurer Park! I am still working with 3 extraordinary ladies I started this journey with, Joan Cronin, Holly McCarthy and Chris Hyde for over a decade!

I have always tried to Change things up and offer different fitness classes that I believed could best serve my clients by insuring that their time and investment in themselves was effective, safe and fun! In addition to being AFAA Group Exercise and Spinning Certified, over the years I have become Tabata Bootcamp Certified, Barre Certified and Revolution Running Certified Coach and trained an amazing group of ladies to run a Half Marathon in 2017-2018. 
I also became an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer in 2018!

I became one of the 1st Extreme HIIT Chaos
Certified Instructors on June 6, 2020 so get ready for some Chaos! :) 

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Welcome to Live to Cycle Virtual Fitness Studio

I have been doing Virtual Spinning since 
March 23, 2020! I look forward to continuing on this Virtual Journey in 2021!
We would love you to join our amazing Virtual Family!